Bicycles for Humanity empowers people in the developing world by transferring skills to them that enable them to create  opportunity for themselves.


Our purpose is to provide  free mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity to all  and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here and in Africa

Bicycles for Humanity  does this by providing a model and a process that has proven extremely effective in the globally connected world. The model and process enables everyone   to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and initiative to pursue their dreams.  Today, some 20 million good  bicycles each year end  up in landfills and  a handfull of great organiations rescue  about 25,000 of these bikes for  delviery to the developing world, when the number should be millions. We realized that to grow the number of bikes, the key was education, groups in Africa  wanting bikes  needed better skills  to work with  teams  here. Groups here needed  access to partners they could  count on and we all needed a way to  more efficiently work together. In Africa today, there are many great teams needing bikes, the have the resources ,but not the network with the skills to make this happen. The founders of B4H Cycling Academy are entrepreneursand the founders of the global Bicycles for Humanity movement.  Weunderstand the skills needed to build programs  from the start with no money.  The learning programs on thissite  are focused on helping anyone in the developing world move forward, building great programs for their communities and opportunity for themselves.  We have always believed that a  bicycle and  a smart phone are the game changers for all of the developing world.  Our approach is 2 fold, help everyone understand  how to  grow  bicycle programs to get more bikes to your community, while helping  all in your community gain access to better education, healthcare and opportunity.

Rewarding and  celebrating  social  entrepreneurs and people who want to make a difference is what  Bicycles for Humanity and B4H Cycling Academy and it's global team is all about.  Together we can make a difference  in an accountable, efficient and  exciting way, while increasignthe numberof bikes going to Africa into the millions each year.

B4H Cycling Academy  delivers programs that teach skills    that create opportunity for a better life.  Our online  testing module ensures that the student has learned the  skills needed and we accredit them  after they have passed our Bicycle Empowerment Management   program.  We believe this accountable inspired entrepreneuraial model  will scale  globally  providing    millions with  access to opportunity and a better life.

At our core we are about  bicycles and mobility.  The B4H  Cycling Academy course's will assist anyone who wants to start  a chapter  in the developed world or in the developing world.  Our model works no matter where you are and our goal is to    help all understand and implement the B4H model, plus  bring   added value to your community, through better education, healthcare, and opportunity. Please feel free to share  the B4H University Courses and Skills Training with anyone and everyone. Together we can make a difference.