Matt Brammeier a professional cyclist with Team Dimension Data    has started an organization  African Kit Appeal that is collecting  used cycling clothing and equipment  in many  countries and shipping  the equipment to cycling clubs in Africa.
This program fits nicely with our  SEC, Skills Empowerment Centre Program and we encourage you to support this or Bicycles for Humanity. We believe that each and every one of us can make a difference , what Matt is doing is  greatly needed and his program should be supported, so please visit Matt's website and   see how you can help Matt and his team.  Matt, great job, Thanks Pat 

Affiliate Programs

The global grassroots teams at  Bicycles for Humanity and B4H Cycling Academy  celebrate and  acknowledge all groups that are  making a difference to the lives of so many in Africa and we encourage you to support them and find ways to  work with all of  us to help provide the gift of mobility to so many in need in Africa.  Some of the outstanding groups making a difference are.

Our purpose is to provide sustainable profit oriented opportunities  to all  infected with HIV , while empowering them to    educate and   and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here.