This course will accredit you to use the iEmpowerment products and process to enhance your opportunities and to do good in your community. Once you have been accredited, thru the iEmpowerment on-line testing quiz, you will receive a diploma acknowledging that you are accredited and that you understand how to use the iEmpowerment process to make yourself successful.

This document explains the basis of entrepreneurialism and how iEmpowerment provides the pieces you need to be an entrepreneur. All that is left is for you to motivate yourself to succeed.

As additional input, there is a ‘Rotary strategy’ as Rotary is the world’s most powerful organization for doing good and one you should consider joining if you are not already a member. The following PDF talks about the benefits of joining Rotary and a strategy to benefit Rotarians, Rotaractors and their communities and how this ties in to being an i-Champion.this program is a foundation  program to all other course's.

Our purpose is to provide  free mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity to all  and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here and in Africa

Bicycles for Humanity empowers people in the developing world by transferring skills to them that enable them to create  opportunity for themselves.


Bicycles for Humanity   I-Champion Entrepreneur  Course

The  PDF's below  will  help you better understand the power of the i-Champion Network and how to create opportunity for yourself and your community

The Following PDF's Contain Course the  Material