Bicycles for Humanities roots are in  providing the gift of mobility to a community through our BEC, or Bicycle Empowerment Centre Program that ships a 40 foot container of 500 bikes to a community.   This program has delivered over 160,000 biked to  13 countries and it continues to grow.Originally driven from the  developed world side, we are  encouraging  the people of Africa to learn the skills needed to be able to find partners to send a BEC, plus the skills to manage this program effectively.   

Sending an  entire container of bikes is a lot of work  and the bikes are usually low end or starter bikes.  In recent years  we have started to see  the growth  of  road and mountain biking in Africa.  many in  communities across the  continent are looking for higher quality bikes  so that the youth can develop the skills  to  succeed   in these sports.   With much higher quality bikes needed, plus  the support gear, helmets,  cycling shoes,  clothing  and other related equipment, we thought about how to solve this  problem  and came up with an entirely new program,  we call a SEC or a Skills Empowerment Centre.   This program allows a club or a  team access to  higher quality bikes to use, but they also must be great community champions and empower many in their community.  

‚ÄčLeadership on a bike and Leadership in one's own  community are equally important and  so, from the outset, our SEC model  teaches both, ensuring   leaders with the  skills to make it in cycling snd in life .

By showing leadership  in their community, we believe they will inspire cyclists, clubs, bike shops to  join them and support the ongoing development of their team or cycling club. Under each section, we will go into greater detail about the program and the courses needed to become leaders or Champions in each  area.