Bicycles for Humanity is a global grassroots  organization that has delivered over 155,000 bicycles to 200 plus African communities.  Our volunteer grassroots model works and we continue to grow.   Many people in the developed world want to send bicycles to Africa and support  communities with the gift of mobility a bicycle can provide, but they are unsure of how to do it  , or  how the program wil lbe managed in  the developing world.  This  program  is focused on  helping everyone  understand the process, what is involved in collecting bikes and how  to reach out and find  community partners to help you achieve your goal of getting a container of 500 bicycles to your community.   We strongly recommend that that you   also study the Bicycle Empowerment  Centre Managers course so that you know that the people of the developing world better understand the entire  process on  all sides.  When   all parties   understand  what is invovled and the various ways to fund the program, than the program will scale globally and everyone will have a great experience.

The demand has been so great for community groups wanting bikes, that we have a back long of over 400 communities  in need of containers of bikes.   We believe the next growth will come from African communities understanding how the process works in the developed world and  how to find groups  to send bikes to their communities. The iEmpowerment  Entrepreneurprogram   is  a foundation program for all our course's,  as is  the BEC Managers Course to understanding how to organize and collect bikes for your community.

I cannot      say it enough, the more everyone understands the process on both sides, the greater  the success will be for all.

B4H  Training Manuals

Bicycles for Humanity  Sending bikes to Africa

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