B4H  has a library of skills development courses that range from entrepreneurialism and selling to  bike shop management to bicycle maintenance and dental hygiene and a host of other  very valuable resources. For anyone who wants  support from  us or our endorsement    to  be a B4H partner in Africa, we require that you take and successfully complete and pass the Bicycle Empowerment Centre Manager Course.   For all in the developed world thinking of sending bikes to Africa, we also encourage you to complete this course.

Some of the courses are linked to the B4H on-line testing platform, so that individuals can become accredited and receive a diploma when they pass the exam(s).

If you or your organization have a program you would like to make available, please let us know and we will include it. There is no cost for this service and we will be pleased to help you.

Please contact me at pat@bicycles-for-humanity.org

And, please share this material with everybody who has  an interest in better education, healthcare and opportunity for all

TheB4H  online Mentoring Platform is a place where you can go and  ask questions of  the course originator or to any of the students taking this course. It is free and it is a great way for you to communicate, extend your network and to develop new skills.  Clicking on Mentoring Platform button above will take you to the registration pages.

Our purpose is to provide sustainable profit oriented opportunities  to all  infected with HIV , while empowering them to    educate and   and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here.

B4H Education, Accreditation and Mentoring Overview