As the founder of the global Bicycles for Humanity movement  and having worked with our 60 chapters and all of the other great organizations that collect  bikesand  deliver them to the developing  world, I kept hearing the same problems  talked about time and again.  Everyone  was struggling trying  to find partners in the developing  worldthat   understood the process and would  providethe  necessary  accountability and support material needed to keep donors , their boards and volunteers happy.  Over the last 15 years I received over 500 requests from  groups globally asking me to  just send bikes to them and those asking had no idea how the process worked or what was really invovled.  In short, everyone struggles with   gaining the shared knowledge needed to expand and grow the repurposing of bikes to the developed world.  If the people of the developing world had the skills  and the knowledge, than  it makes it far easier for them to attract new partners and to work with them to  make it happen.

Bicycles for Humanity got it's start like  so many other great organizations collecting bikes in the developed world, and it has now shifted it's focus to the developing world to help the people there understand  what is invovledin  getting bikes and  and working  effectively with partners who send bikes.  This course and our other bicycle related course' are intended to  help everyone not only gain  a  better understanding of  how it all works, but more importantly, how to create added value and opportunity in their respective communities.

The  Bicycle Empowerment Centre Management Course  is beneficial to anyone who is  thinking of starting or growing a bicycle initiative anywhere in the  world.   This  program will not only teach you how to manage a centre, but more importantly, how to work effectively with groups that send bikes today, plus help you  build a  new network of partners  globally   thatwill  organize, collect  bikes and send them to you.  It is very important to understand the process  from all sides  and  to    know what donors expect and how to best work with them.  We will also teach you how to reach out to new groups .  This   Course will be  broken down into a number of sub categories.

Bicycle Empowerment Centre Management Course

Our purpose is to provide  free mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity to all  and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here and in Africa