Bicycles for Humanity   has traditionally shipped 40 foot containers of  bicycles, through a program we call BEC's or Bicycle Empowerment Centres.  Here grassroots chapter groups, organize, manage the logistics of   collecting 500 bikes , loading them into a container and  shipping it to one of our partners in Africa.

 500 bikes changes an entire community and our chapter teams work hard to help  our partners  learn the skills of bike maintenance, service snd support and how to create an economy around bikes. If you are a  new chapter  or are interested in being  an African partner, then  the B4H Academy courses  that relate to how  our bike programs owrk  are ideal for you. 

​We encourage all to  start a Bicycles for Humanity Chapter and send a full container of bikes, BEC's are incredible valuable  to the people receiving them and the joy of the journey for you, will be memorable and  change your life in a very positive way.