Efficient Markets

The founders of  Bicycles  for Humanity and  the B4H Cycling  Academy believe that efficient markets and the high value knowledgeable players in those markets win.   The traditional NGO, Non Government Organizaiton , that is providing education, healthcare and opportunity today is highly inefficient with the  bulk of the monies going to support  their growing  staff and infrastructure.  What little money reaches the developing world, usually is used for  focused, one on one training , with  very little thought given to  how it can scale or benefit others.  Donor money intended to make a difference   never does, with less than 10% even getting to the people and  only then, to a very small number.

In a globally connected  internet world, where  smart phones numbers are increasing  everywhere, we believe that the delviery of  great learning conent, the ability to   test  and accredit online, coupled with  online mentoring platforms is not only far more efficient, but it allows the people to share their knowledge and  experiences freely  inorder to help others.

To this end, B4H Cycling Academy will always be a free resource for all globally.  The ability to   educate  and train efficiently, while   being able to    connect and organize teams together across the entire  developing world, creates enormous opportunity for all.

Our roots are in mobility, we simply believe that a  bicycle is a gamechanger for all in the developing world.  With the perfect storm hitting the bike industry in the developed world, bike share, ebikes and online sales, tens of millions  more bikes will be  discarded each year.  We believe this represents a significant opportunity for all in the developing world to learn new skills and build new reltionships to begin to move that flow of  discarded bikes from the  20 to 30,000    each year to million of bikes each year.  To do this, new models are needed, new skills needed and new networks of people coming together that believe  a bicycle can and does make a difference.

​ the more you understand what donors want to achieve and the more they understand your goals and that you are dedicated to  making the  program a success, the more support you will receive .  Responsible leadership that   makes a difference is the foundation  of the Bicycles for Humanity  Way.

If our model works for  bikes, it  works for  everything,  better education, better health care and most importantly, better opportunity for a bettter life for all.