Bicycles for Humanity has always been about  empowering the people of the developing world.  Mobility is a key and so we are grounded in the belief that a bicycle can and does make a difference.  Our   backgrounds in technology, especially in  understanding the Internet and  Cloud  platforms has shown us that  smart phones  are a game changer for much of the developing world.  Where iEmpowerment delivered better education and healthcare   training, Ekokwa is about creating opportunity.  

 the ability to  easily provide  functional data collection  across any subject matter that can be easily mapped or databased and shared with anyone, changes the game for the poor.  Now   it is much more economical to  simply pay the poor to collect data, any type of data, rather than build and support the  systems and infrastructure  that  was used to traditionally collect data.  Please visit  www.ekokwa.com to learn more about this incredible platform and how it can benefit you and your community.