​As it became increasingly expensive to ship bikes to some countries like Uganda and Kenya, we asked the  local people what they wanted  and the answer was better access to education , healthcare and opportunity.  In the developed world there are tremendous resources online covering every subject matter and great HD video's.

In the developed world, high speed internet is the norm, but in the developing world, it is very slow and very expensive and the students simply could not cover the bandwidth  charges to move into online learning .  Being from a technology  background,  we   thought about it and decided to take the best learning and healthcare information from the  internet and put it on a 64 gig HD memory stick.  Now the learning material can be  easily copied and freely shared.

​ If   the iEmpowerment program is loaded on a computer and a wifi router is attached, now every person within wifi range can now  watch  the learning video's  with no internet charges needed in perfect HD quality.   We launched this program with a number of our BEC's and today, the program is used by over 14,000 organizations  globally and continues to grow.

​The iEmpowerment Program is a foundation piece of our SEC Skills Empowerment Centre  model and  through sharing and caring, all the riders on the team can make a difference.

​lastly, the very best  of the memory stick that was not video, but PDF format can be  accessed through our  Skills Training section of this site.