Karamoja, Uganda

I have spent  over  15 years visiting many parts of Africa and  my friend,  Paul Sherwin kept saying, we needed to bring the   bicycle program to Karamoja and we did 5 years ago.  Since then, this region has become my second home and I am so proud that the people have accepted me into their lives.  Please visit  www.karamoja.org or  www.kara-tunga.com to find out more about this incredible region and travel opportunities to  Karamoja.

We have also started a new cycling initiative , the Tour of Karamoja, that will become an annual event and we look forward to  everyone joining us  each year, see www.tourofkaramoja.com  This year was our second   tour and  over 65 people attended.  We also built   an indigenous  mountain bike park, and the world class riding in this area, will attract  thousands who want to experience,  great riding, unbelievable beauty and a culture that exists no place else on earth 

​With the  second Tour of Karamoja, we decided to build a world class mountain bike park on the slopes  of Mt  Moroto in Karamoja.  This park  is in the  Teeth traditional territory and the local people built this incredible facility.  it was such a success, that a mountain bike association  was formed, called Karamojaride.org