Organizations that collect bikes

There are many incredible organizations in the developed world that collect bikes and  send them to Africa, many of these organizations are also looking for  responsible partners to send  their bikes to. it is why we strongly encourage everyone to take the  Bicycle Empowerment Centre managers course in the B4H University.  Just like the global team at Bicycles for Humanity, many of these other    organizations are looking for responsible partners  and partners that  can provide the accountability they require. 

Bicycles for Humanity Global

B4H is a global grassroots movement of chapters  in the developed world that partner with African teams to deliver the gift of mobility, please visit to find a B4H  chapter .

Bikes for the World United States

BFTW has been around over 15 years and is located in the Washington DC area.  They do a tremendous job and we consider them a 5 star organization.  Their model is focused on the developed  world side, they collect  and load the bikes into containers and expect their partners in the developing world to cover the costs. We strongly encourage reaching out to Bikes for the World after you have passed the  Bicycle Empowerment Managers   Course, that way, they know you have the skill to manage   the program properly and the  understanding of what BFTW   is expecting.

Bikes not Bombs United States

Bikes not Bombs really started the sending bikes to Africa movement and  have been around a bit longer than BFTW and B4H.  They are another incredible program and one that is always looking for great partners globally to work with.

Mikes Bikes Foundation United States

Another  long time great organization in the states that has sent numerous containers of bikes to Africa.  They tend to follow a business model working with   established bike shops and programs in Africa.

Africycle  Canada

A wonderful Canadian organization that has been  sending bikes to Malawi since 2007.  They follow a  commercial model there, helping to set up bike shops there.

Working Bikes United States

 This organization in Chicago is similar to many    others  globally in that they collect bikes, repair them and  give them out locally and the overflow or excess gets donated to the developing  world, well worth keeping in touch with them.

Re-Cycle   UK

Another long time bike collection organization  similar to Bikes for the World that collects bikes and then looks for partners to deliver the bikes to in the developing  world.  

Bikes 4 Life  Australia

An Australian  organization    shipping   containers of bikes to   Africa  that might be a source of bikes for your community.

VelAfrica  Switzerland

Velafrica is a great Swiss organization that collects bikes ,   repairs them and sends them to  great African partners that meet their  high standards for accountability and expertise.  they have been doing  this for over  20 years and  have sent over 150,000 bikes to Africa.  

Our purpose is to provide sustainable profit oriented opportunities  to all  infected with HIV , while empowering them to    educate and   and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here.