Poultry Mangement and Entrepreneur Program

Herbert Kasiita a Veterinarian and a Poultry specialist in Uganda believes that the Kuroiler Chicken is the future of Poultry production in all of Africa.  This incredible bird was developed in India and   has now been introduced to Uganda.  The Kuroiler  unlikeother  chickens, grows much more quickly, it produces more eggs and the colour of the meet  commands a higher price at market.  More important, it is resistant to manydiseass and it  eats   just about anything.  In short, it is the perfect bird to raise   and  the benefits to you and your family are enormous,  more protein and a new source of revenue breeding, and selling these birds.

 We  think the opportunity is so important that iEmpowerment  haspartnerd with HerbertKasiita and together we are launching  the  program first in Uganda and then in all parts of Africa.

Please review the attatched PDF that outlines  the  Kuroiler and the benefits of developing the skills to effectively  raise, market and sell this incredible bird.   Shortly the  Poultry Management course will be posted at this site in PDF format for all  to begin the course. 

Once completed, you can take the test and you will  receive a Certificate of Poultry Mangement upon successful completion of the program.

Once   you have achieved this   levelof   competentency, you will   be awarded a  bursery for $25 US dollars  that can be applied to purchasing  10,  3 week old chicks, 5 male and 5 female to start your  new  poultry business.