Our purpose is to provide  free mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity to all  and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here and in Africa

New content and testing is constantly being added to the iEmpowerment Program and every Rotarian is free to create courses or testing that they feel is important. All new material will added to the iEmpowerment University at no cost. We believe that every Rotarian and every Rotary Club in Africa should be an iEmpowerment  i-Champion.

The Rotary Benefits button on this page highlights the benefits to Rotary of the program and the benefits page can be printed off or the link sent to others so that they can see the benefits Rotary has their power to help empower the world.

Training, testing and mentoring travel on the internet and everyone can access this site and download the material, however, The internet is not an efficient way to deliver high definition video where there is only low speed access, so, video content is delivered on the iEmpowerment Memory stick.

A Rotarian can load the memory stick onto anyone's computer and copy it to extend and share the real joy of learning.

Thru iEmpowerment every district, club and member can get engaged in helping  provide education, training, and opportunity instantly and at no cost.

If a club wants  the full learning program with all the High Def video's, the cost is $30 US each in minimum quantities of 10  memory sticks including shipping.

Bicycles for Humanity empowers people in the developing world by transferring skills to them that enable them to create  opportunity for themselves.


It's as simple as ABC, 1,2,3