Our purpose is to provide  free mobility, education, healthcare and opportunity to all  and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here and in Africa

Starting a B4H Chapter  in Africa

Today, we have over 400 requests from community leaders in Africa asking us to support them by sending a container of bikes.  We would love to, but we simply do not have the resources and the number of  chapters needed to make this happen.   In addition to B4H, there are many great organizations that collect bikes,  but it is equally easy for  anyone  in the developing world  to  reach out to school's, church's, civic groups and cycling clubs to   possible partner with  them.

 To     get a container of bikes to you, it takes a team in the developed world willing to collect the bikes, organize the shipping and help  cover the cost.  These  are big projects  andthe  teams   in the developed  world have expectations , they want  accountability, they  need a steady flow of communication toshow  their team and donors that they made  a difference and they want to be able to work with  you and your community in the future.

 The Bicycle Empowerment Cenre  management program will teach you  what needs to happen in the developed  world,  the support they require and how you can effectively manage a BEC, Bicycle Empowerment Centre in your community while empowering all with the gift of mobility.   We have  developed a process in how to  find  potential partners, how to assist them and how to together make a lasting difference.     

Before we  will work with any group in the developing   world, we expect them to have taken and successfully completed  the  B4H course.

Bicycles for Humanity empowers people in the developing world by transferring skills to them that enable them to create  opportunity for themselves.