We are Entrepreneurs First

The founders of Bicycles for Humanity, and the B4H Cycling Academy are first and formost entrepreneurs.  We believe in efficient markets and we believe that anything is possible with   clear goals, drive and dertermination.  The old  NGO model, where  groups in the developed world raise large amounts of money,    build    even larger infrastructures and then come to the people of the developing world and tell them  what they need and what is best for them simply does not scale. 

B4H Cycling Academy is about    skills and knowledge transfer  and open learning and sharing for all. Only together can we solve the many problems    faced globally and only through knowledge, effort, accountability and creating  opportunity for all, will the developing world move forward. At our core we are about mobility and we will teach everyone  who wants to learn,  the skills needed to be successful in this area first.  

 High value efficient models win and if we can all come together, really understand the program and the issue's  every partner in the program faces, than a lot of good will flow   to many globally.