Our purpose is to provide sustainable profit oriented opportunities  to all  infected with HIV , while empowering them to    educate and   and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here.

Adding Cycling as a sport to  your B4H Program

Bicycles for Humanity and    B4H Cycling Academy are about   skills and knowledge transfer and helping the local people develop new sills in  new ways.  We believe that cycling as a sport is a terrific activity for all and a number of our Academy's are now beginning to teach  cycling skills to the youth.  This and BMX tracks that not only teach skills, but more importantly  ensure that  youth are tested and they do their homework first ignorer to ride the BMX bikes are a very important part of our program.

Example of  what a B4H Cycling Academy   can do.

Organize a range of events to provide competition across all cycling disciplines for children between the ages of approximately 6 and 17 years old- Cycling development of future stars
We also exist to organize events such as the below:

Mountain biking (off road)
Road races (for children aged 12 and over)
Time Trials (for children aged 12 and over)

·         Provide subsidized equipment and kit to children and encourage this to be used and worn at all events.

·         Provide an environment through
coaching,guidance and training where children can safely develop their competitive cycling potential to a level appropriate to their abilities, level of fitness and commitment to the sport.

·         Encourage high standards of behavior and discipline by instituting a code of conduct and encouraging children to abide by this.

Specific cycling training - MTB, Road, Track
Events organization and guided bicycle rides for schools
Organized Grouprides

·         Support children who demonstrate high levels of ability and commitment and wish to progress further in the sport to establish links with professional coaches/teams to facilitate such ambition.

·         Organize and support attendance by Academy members at all events in the country