Our purpose is to provide sustainable profit oriented opportunities  to all  infected with HIV , while empowering them to    educate and   and Inspire  a generation    to  believe they can   do the same here.


Why Bicycles are Important in  Africa

Every year over 10 million  bicycles are thrown away in the developed world.  Here, we  ride bikes for pleasure or to get to work, but in the developing world a bicycle is as important there as a pickup truck is here .   Cars and trucks are simply out of the reach of   most in Africa and so they must rely on the bicycle to get things done.  We started providing bikes to  community health workers and students travelling long distances to school, but the need is far greater.  This slide presentation will  give you a better idea of how  valuable the bikes are that    we throw away.  if  you want to truly make a differnce, than  we encourage you to start  a B4H Chapter,  organize a collection at your school , church,  community club and   help provide the gift of mobility to  so many in need.  Please share this  site with  all who want to make a difference,  the B4H University Courses  are key to not only joining our movement, but   also to find   partners that    you can work with that meet your needs and theirs.  together, we can make a difference and knowledge and  an entrepreneurial spirit are the key.

Bicycles for Humanity empowers people in the developing world by transferring skills to them that enable them to create  opportunity for themselves.